skincare from the vine

About Us

Welcome to Kenshar Fruit Vine Products! We are a full service bath and body skincare shop, dedicated to providing our customers with healthy products that enhance the natural beauty of your skin. Our product line consists of our cream cleansers, body moisturizers, body scrubs and facial soaps.  

We have an amazing selection of body moisturizing creams that provide deep hydration and moisture for your skin, as well as great nutrition and can improve the condition of some skin disorders.

At Kenshar, we are committed to providing our customers with quality products that are made of natural ingredients. Our products are free of parabens, sulfates, petroleum, mineral oil, and no artificial color. Our fragrances are made with vegan based oils.

Our products are handmade with tender loving care in small batches.

Sharon Brinkley is the founder of Kenshar Fruit Vine Products, which was established in 2010 (research and product development started long before). Realizing there was not a product available to adequately moisturize her feet and exfoliate the rough skin on her feet; Sharon set out to create one. 

In her kitchen, the Soo Soft Foot Butter was created, as was all the products created to date. In deciding what products are needed, Sharon always looks to her immediate surroundings for challenges that require a solution. 

Sharon is a Christian and has worked as a Software Quality Manager and System Engineer for the last 20 plus years, in major fortune 100 companies. Her favorite bible scripture is Philippians 4:6, which is proudly marked on all Kenshar Fruit Vine Products.