skincare from the vine


Vanilla Bean and Goats Milk "This cream smells good enough to eat! It has become part of my bedtime ritual to use it on my hands...soft, not greasy, and did I mention the scent?? I think I will try the different scents next!" Overstock Customer 1/2014


Chamomile and Lavender " This cream is wonderful. The fragrance and consistency is perfect. I have very dry skin and live in Colorado so the cream is perfect for this altitude. If anyone has dry feet and heals then they should really consider trying it out." Overstock Customer 1/2014


Jasmine and Honeysuckle "I love this moisturizer! My skin feels softer and I really like the classic floral sent. It smells like something my Grandmother would have used and I say that fondly. I will try other products by Kenshar. I also appreciate the fact it's an American product." Overstock Customer 1/2014


Chamomile and Lavender " I was surprised upon opening the jar at the natural bouquet or scent which is one of my favorites. I like the aroma of Lavender and grow it abundantly in my garden. The cream texture was lush and soothing on my very overworked dry hands. In winter my hands can become like sand paper and this cream penetrated that surface giving me much needed relief. I then proceeded to slather a bit more on at bed time with cotton gloves and awoke with truly softer hands. I have bought overly priced retail products and this Main street cream left them in the dust. I just told my dry skin sister about this product and encouraged my spouse to give it a go on his dry skin patches. Thank you for such a needed and valued natural product. I only write reviews for exceptional products and this gets all my 10 stars. I will order without a 2nd thought from Main Street and encourage this group to blaze ahead with all their innovative creativity." Overstock customer 12/2012


" I just recieved the product today and after less then 5 minutes of using the pepermint lemon my feet has no pain at all. My feet have been hurting for the past two days and now they feel wonderful " Maureen 12/2012


"Great Products​! I had the wonderful opportunity of purchasing a jar of the Exotic Plum body cream at an vendors event at Annapolis Mall a couple of months ago, and I must say I have never used such a great body cream. The smell was awesome and long lasting and the cream left my body so soft. As a consumer who tries almost everything that hits the market, this cream is by far my favorite. I love it and I have gotten a lot of compliments on how wonderful the Exotic Plum smells. I will definitely see you at your Columbia Mall event. Bless you." Latasha 10/2012


"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the products that I brought over the weekend at the African American Festival in Staunton, VA. I am SOOOO pleased with the lotion and the shower cream!! I've been a "Body Shop" customer for a long time, NOT ANYMORE!! As long as you are in business, I will forever be a customer!! I'm spreading the word too!!" Lisa 9/2012 


"I just wanted to say that this product is the best by far. I am a believer, and will continue to use Soo Soft. I have recommended this product to all my friends. Thank you so much! You were so right!" Toni 8/2012


Chamomile and Lavender "This was a gift for my mother who has extremely dry skin due to her medication. She told me this had a very nice scent, made her skin feel soft and moist, and she loved useing it." Overstock customer, 8/2012


"I purchased the Soo Soft Foot Butter a while back and just finished the jar. It's the best foot cream I've ever used. I'm buying more and am trying some other products as well." DM 3/2012


Chamomile and Lavender "Really Works, I take shower twice a day and always use very hot water. So I have very dry skin in the winter and have suffered all the time. This product saved me this winter. Once you tried it, you cannot live without it." Overstock customer, February 2012


"I was one of Ms. Sharon's first customers. She gave me a sample of the Kenshar Soo Soft Foot Butter almost 8 mths ago and I've been using it every since. The cream has made my feet soo soo soft and pretty. The cream is just that GOOD that I started using it all over my body.

I also use the Tropical Escape which is a cream that is everlasting. The scent is beautiful and makes you feel beautiful. It doesn't take much and the scent stays with you through out the day.

I will reccommend both of these products!" Sholonda June 2011


"I had a very dry skin patch on the left-side of my neck which was itchy and sore. I used the Chamomile and Lavender Body moisture cream for extremely dry skin and it cleared my dry patch up in less than 1-week. I have used the cream for five months or so. I am very satisfied with this cream. I would definitely recommend this cream to anyone that has problems with extremely dry skin. Satisfied Customer" Karen June 2011


"The Kenshar Foot butter is enriched with natural oils and provides wonderful nourishment for my feet and challenging dry skin areas. It’s smooth to the touch and rubs into my skin perfectly, leaving no excess oils. Within days of using this product I noticed a difference. It exfoliates quite nicely and leaves my skin soft and silky. The Kenshar products are unbeatably price and my #1 choice for skin care and treatment." AYM, May 17, 2011


"I have to say how much I loved the product. The Vanilla Bean smell is absolutely a dream! To my surprise, the consistency holds up very well. I say that because when a product usually smells good - it doesn't stick to the skin. I really like the product."

Middleton May 2011