skincare from the vine

Benefits of Natural Oils

Natural oils contain hundreds of organic constituents such as hormones, vitamins and other natural elements that can be beneficial for the skin.

Natural oils can be divided into two general categories - essential oils and carrier or base oils. 

Essential and Carrier Oils are highly penetrating. They easily enter through a cell wall delivering essential vitamins, oxygen, and nutrients. This helps to stimulate cell metabolism and the cell regeneration process.

Essential oils are volatile compounds found in plants. They give fruits, flowers, herbs and spices their fragrance and flavor. Obtained by distillation or expression, essential oils are highly concentrated. 

The ability of oils to penetrate and carry nutrients through the cell wall to the cell nucleus can prevent cell deterioration that can lead to infections and diseases.

Many oils have anti-bacterial properties, thus helping to reduce infections in sensitive or damaged skin.

Oils have been successfully used in skin care preparations for centuries. They constitute a substantial part of skin care formulations. Skin care products with a high concentration of essential and carrier oils are very beneficial in the care of your skin.




Reference; Natalie Katsman